RV Dry Camping Tips, Water saving showers, One great thing about RVs is the freedom to spend time in special places while still enjoying our creature comforts. Frequently however, national forest camps, national, state and local parks and other areas may provide limited hookups or none at all. Dry camping (camping without hookups) allows us to enjoy these places in style. The downside is that our stay can be limited by our onboard resources. In this article we'll cover tips and techniques for extending your dry camping by managing fresh water usage and waste water storage and disposal.

  We'll start with conservation. When you dry camp, you need to mentally "shift gears;" start by thinking about your fresh water and your gray and black tanks as limited resources. Eliminate waste. Water should never go down the drain unused. Collect water from sink or shower when waiting for it to get hot. Catch it in a pitcher, then use it to brush your teeth, make coffee, cook or even to flush the commode.

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